My name is Jonathan Harper and I help creatives pursue their passion

I’m a graphic designer who enjoys developing creative ideas. I blog about all things to do with design and branding, and I also offer advice for those who are trying to get their ideas off the ground. Whether you’re trying to start your own thing or are just browsing, chances are that you’ll find something useful on here.

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My portfolio

  • Wellness Within identity
  • Love Mealtimes landing page
  • Trading 4 Life logo and identity
  • Osman Conroy logo and identity
  • Night Night Sleep Tight landing page
  • Morewa logo design and concept
  • My Dream Wedding Fair logo design
  • Leavitt logo and identity
  • Freedom's Ark logo and website
  • Desmo Experience logo and identity
  • Britax landing page
  • Aura logo design

Why Disney’s Streaming Service is a Big Deal

Earlier this month Disney announced that it will be pulling it will be pulling its movies from streaming giant, Netflix, and launch its own streaming service. According to Disney CEO, Bob Ig...

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OJHarper Podcast, Episodes 1 and 2

I’ve finally done it, I’ve started my own podcast! After months of going back and forth in my head as to whether I should do this or not, I’ve taken the plunge, I’m n...

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Invest in Facebook Ads, not flyers

,Before Facebook, flyers were the go-to resource when it comes to promoting a service or event. They still have their place, but I don’t believe they are very effective unless they are coupl...

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Slack versus WhatsApp and Email

WhatsApp is pretty much the preferred method of communication in my social circle. In fact, if someone calls me I get annoyed because they can just send me a message on WhatsApp and I don...

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Impostor Syndrome, 3 ways to escape

In my previous blog post; Lessons from my quarter-life crisis, I briefly mentioned the issue of impostor syndrome, and how it affected me. In fact, it still rears its ugly head from time to...

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