For some reason, podcasts have recently gained momentum online as bloggers and influencers make use of them every day. Now there are so many popping up that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. This is probably thanks to the use of smartphones, allowing people to download and stream episodes on-the-go.

I’ve become a big fan of podcasts. In fact, I would rather listen to a podcast in my daily commute to work than music. I’m subscribed to various types that I find either informative or entertaining, including; a comic book and movie podcast called The Weekly Planet, and Gary Vaynerchuk’s Q&A series, the Audio Experience (previously known as “Ask Gary Vee”).

There’s something for everyone, and the Black-British community is no exception. There is a whole range of them that you can find on Soundcloud that are offering content that brings an insight into the lives of those who have grown up in London in this era.

Dem Man Dere

“A weekly podcast debating & discussing everyday topics with endless banter. Whether you’re commuting to work, cruising in your car or just relaxing at home, tune into us for captivating conversation that will have you either deep in thought, or dying of laughter.”

These guys are as “road” as they come, but in every episode I find myself bursting out with laughter because of the banter they bring. Each person brings something unique to the table because if their character.

Dem Man Dere isn’t to be mistaken for any old podcast talking about the same thing over and over again, with no intention of educating the masses on what really matters (*cough* BKCHAT *cough*). The guys make sure that although they are bringing a lot of witty banter, they also uplift their community by inviting guests with knowledge in particular areas. Just the other week they had a professor from Cancer Research UK give an insight to the discoveries around their work.

At the end of most episodes, they have a segment titled “banger of the week”, which brings light to new music from current artists. I think this is a good addition to the episodes, and it would be good if maybe every other episode focused on this so that it gets the air time it deserves.

DMD is definitely one to subscribe to if you’re looking for something homegrown and relatable.

The Receipts Podcast

#TheReceiptsPodcast is a fun, honest podcast fronted by four girls who willing to talk about anything and everything. From relationships to situationships to everyday life experiences, you can expect unadulterated girl talk with no filter.”

Whether you’re male or female, you need to subscribe to this podcast. The Receipts Podcast is probably the most well put together choice on my list. Hosted by Ghana’s Finest, Phoebe Parke, Tolly, and Milena Sanchez, this podcast brings a fresh perspective on today’s hot topics. They’re extremely witty, funny, and honest when it comes to sharing their insight. What they’re most known for is their episodes called “Your Receipts”, where they offer advice for the listeners who send in their dilemmas.

The topics generally revolve around dating and relationships, but every now and again they bring an informative topic. Each person has a unique personality that’s hard to forget, and like with any great podcast, I look like a lunatic laughing at the responses they have to the dilemmas that are sent in.

The Receipts Podcast has even been recognised by the radio host, Charlemagne the God (much to their excitement). It’s definitely one to keep an eye out for.


“The UK’s SHADIEST show! Two friends, Actor Sted and Corporate girl Accountant Sera, literally having a conversation about their eventful but different lives. They give their opinions on your favourite celebrities, world news & issues, tv shows, movies, music and many more interesting topics!…They crown the douchebag of the week, give deserving shoutouts and end you off with something positive! They promise to bring some laughter, joy and inspiration to your life all at the same time.

Love it or hate it, they talk about it! It’s all about the laughs!”

This one’s a bit of a dark horse. It’s not as popular as the first two, but it’s gained a following because of the relevant content mixed in with entertaining conversations. SSquared is becoming a podcast that I enjoy every week, mainly because of the consistent structure that they provide. Each episode is split up into segments, such as; word on the streets, fix it Jesus, and douche bag of the week. These act as updates for the week, which is a sensible way to keep things on track without going off on a tangent (which is very easy to do on a podcast).

SSquared is pretty easy to listen to when you want something familiar. It’s a definitely a yes from me.

It’s still about meaningful content

I’ve chosen these four podcasts based on the content that they provide, not their fanbase. The fact that they consistently provide content that is meaningful week after week helps to give them extra points compared to other podcasts that I’ve listened to. There are many that I’ve tuned into and because they’re not really relevant to anything, and they are very messy, I don’t often come back and listen to them again. These four have worked out a system that works for them and built on to of it, so even though they could improve in other areas, the good points tend to outweigh the negative.

Honorable mentions

3 Shots of Tequila

The #3ShotsOfTequila Podcast is a fun and light hearted podcast about any and everything underneath the sun.

From sex and relationships to religion and current affairs. Nothing is off limits.

We are just 3 men who tell it as it as…

Halfcast Pod

Two guys half the size of eachother casting opinions.

Melanin millennials

Imrie and Satia are Black Women from London. As Melanin Millennials the ladies discuss everything topical from pop culture, millennial struggles to Black Twitter with a distinct British point of view. Melanin Millennials is bringing the ladies hilarious Whatsapp conversations to life and they don’t hold back on serving all the tea, crumpets, shade and woke commentary.

Cut the Chat

The Cut the Chat Team consists of an amalgamation of people who are leaders in their individual fields. Whether it is craft, comedy, acting, filmmaking, presenting or blogging, each person adds a unique skill set and world view to the team. This coupled with the fact that different members of team have taken part in some of the most commercially successful projects in youth entertainment in the UK makes the roster one of the strongest in the UK.

2H2R Podcast

Witty banter and social commentary from a group of black millennials.

What podcasts have you been listening to? I’d like to hear about them. Let me know in the comments.