This post will be the start of a 4 part series titled the 4 pillars. They cover the foundations of what you need to know from a branding perspective and are made up of 4 simple words; Who, What, Why, and How. These are what I believe come together to create a brand.

This series will not be focussed on design directly. The aim is to demonstrate that in order to create an iconic brand, you must lay the foundations that will influence the design, along with everything else that goes with it.

Who you are

Who you are plays an important role in your identity as a person. If you don’t know who you are then you have what is commonly known as an identity crisis. I believe this can be applied to your company in the same way. Ask yourself who exactly you are as a company/professional. Are you a small business or a large one? Are you non-profit? What is your profession? You should at least know this before you even consider any other aspects of branding.

Who they are

The other end of the spectrum is “Who they are”, meaning you have to know who your potential clients are. Are they male or female? How old are they? Are they an entity or individuals?

It’s worth doing some research in this area. Find out if you’re making the right decision targeting this client base. You could do a lot of hard work in the other areas, but if you’re targeting the wrong people chances are you’re just shooting blanks. Demonstrate that you know who they are by doing your research.