Last week we started to look at the 4 pillars of branding; Who, What, Why, and How. In part 1 of this series we saw that knowing who you are plays a vital role in starting off an effective brand. Here in part to we will have a look at “What” and how the word applies.

What you do

Isn’t it funny how every time we meet somebody new the question “What do you do?” always comes up. When asked this there’s a habit of them simply saying what we do in a couple of words, e.g. I’m a graphic designer, doctor, journalist, president etc.

One or two words can’t fully express what you do. It goes without saying that you would often be expected to expand on your profession. When people ask me what I do, I intend to tell them not only that I’m a graphic designer, but what aspect of it I specialise in.

What does your business focus on? Decide on this and push it through your communication, such as; your strap line.

What they need

What you do directly correlates with what people need. If people don’t need what you’re offering then there’s no reason to trade with you. Not only do you have to know what your audience needs, but you should communicate your awareness of their needs as well.

Let’s imagine you’re a fitness coach. You help people stay fit or lose weight, but you can also focus on other aspects of your service such as; nutrition, increasing stamina, getting a flat stomach etc. These are specifically targeted at the needs of the customer.

Take a look at your business idea and try to focus it specifically towards the needs of people.