It’s been almost two weeks since the New Year. Everybody wants 2014 to be better than last year. New businesses will emerge, and current businesses will grow. So far we’ve covered the “Who”, and “What” of branding. This is the first post of 2014, so let’s kick things off by looking at the “Why”.

Why you do what you do?

As a graphic designer everything I do has a reason behind it. Every colour I use, every font that is chosen, shapes, and even layout is intentional. I always ask myself, “Why is this here?” If I can’t answer that question then there is no purpose to what I’m designing and it could potentially fail. The same goes for your business/service. Why do you do it?

On a university trip I had the chance to visit a design studio in Amsterdam. One thing that resonated with me was this statement; “If you’re doing it for the money then you’re in the wrong business.” There’s more to a successful career than the money, what drives it is purpose.

Find out the reason that you do what you do. Not only so that you can show it, but also so that you can stay focused as you develop.

Why should they choose you?

I’m a firm believer that today’s consumer doesn’t spend money because of how great a product or service is. They spend money on beliefs, values, or a lifestyle.

Apple is always a good brand to look at. Have you ever seen an Apple fan? Why are they so passionate about the brand? The phones aren’t too different from the previous model and you can get a pretty powerful PC that is easier on your wallet, but why Apple?

I believe it’s because Apple users spend money on the message sent and not the product. From looking at the brand you can see what it represents. The words that come to mind are; simple, innovative, current, and slick. This is what Apple offers that other companies in the same field don’t.

For a better idea of what I’m talking about, this video on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” from TED talks pretty much sums it up (you only need to watch about 5 minutes).

There are so many people that do what you do, but what sets you apart will be the message you send.