So you’ve figured out who you are as a business, what you do that makes you unique to your competitors, and why you do what you do. With all these combined you should have a greater understanding of the type of brand you’re going to build. You should now be ready to start making decisions in order to shape your image.

As all businesses are different, so are their stories and the ways in which they tell them. This brings us to the 4th Pillar of Branding; How.

Ask yourself questions like these:

  • How will people hear my voice?
  • How will my audience find me?
  • How will I generate a conversation?
  • How will I make a connection?

Asking yourself questions like these will have you thinking about the mediums you would like to explore. In essence what you’re doing is demonstrating the Who, What, and Why of your brand in a practical way.

There is no brand that is the same, but there are some basic templates that you can follow that can help you get started.

Iconic logo design


Iconic logos

Your logo is your birthmark that represents your vision and values. If they don’t remember your name they’ll remember your logo first.

Consistent identity

Your logo will be displayed on many different surfaces. Most people are fine with just a business card and letterhead, but sometimes that’s not enough. Consider applying it to other mediums such as; t-shirts, cd covers, even door signs and labels/packaging. Don’t forget to see how your logo transitions for web and video.

Website design


Responsive website

Your website should follow current trends in design and development. The days of side panels and rotating sliders are slowly coming to an end. Sites are now built for mobiles and tablets, and we’re also seeing the return of animations in the form of flat icons.

Social media

If you’re up to the task, a well managed social media presence will help you connect to your audience on a personal level. You will be able to show your humanity as a brand and push content that is of interest to your target audience.

There is much more to how you brand your business than what has been mentioned. The perfect brand won’t come all at once, but with a lot of dedication you will begin to generate a loyal following and make a real difference in your market.