I hate shopping. Going through the isles at the supermarket or at a clothing retailer makes me extremely nervous for no reason. My heart even starts pumping faster, I should probably get this checked out really! I’m envious of people who can spend hours shopping for new clothes, trying on loads of things only to walk out of the shop empty handed because nothing was perfect. Some of you enjoy the entire shopping experience and call me crazy, but I think you could use your obsession to make a living. Here are some ideas.

Start a shopping blog

Sometimes those of us who dislike shopping get so frustrated that we don’t see the bargains that are right in front of us. Personally, I’d rather be in and out as soon as possible even if I end up overspending.

We need your help.

You can start blogging about how to save money on your weekly shopping. There could be some alternative brands of products that are great quality and cheaper than more popular brands. For those of you into clothes shopping, why not give yourself a budget and create complete outfits for under that price? It’ll be a challenge that’s both fun and educational.

All the above could obviously be applied to Youtube videos as well.

Become a personal shopper

I suggested this to a friend of mine. Every time I see him he’s always suited up from head to toe. I think I’ve only ever seen him wear a t-shirt once. It just comes natural to him and his classy dress sense puts the rest of us to shame really.

shopping-kingI also think he’s a spy.

He could start building a personal shopping brand. I would love to personally hire him to give me some options every month, whether it’s a blazer, shirt, trousers, shoes, or whatever. He would have a budget to spend every month and will take a cut for the job. There are plenty of subscription boxes that bring this sort of service, but that personal touch of being able to communicate with a real person that can pick out the right outfit suited for you has a lot of value.

The personal shopping experience could also be applied to someone who’s good at grocery shopping. If someone wants to eat lighter, healthier etc. this could go a long way.

Save your ideas on Pinterest

I mentioned the advantages of Pinterest in my blog post for Barber Shops. If you’re a shopaholic you can find a wealth of inspiration for food combinations, recipes, clothing accessories, and trends. Create a board to inspire you and try to source these on your next shopping trip.