Earlier this month Disney announced that it will be pulling it will be pulling its movies from streaming giant, Netflix, and launch its own streaming service. According to Disney CEO, Bob Iger, they’ve had a good relationship with Netflix, however having control of a platform they’ve been very impressed with will give them more control over their destiny. On top of this, Disney will also launch its own ESPN video streaming service in early 2018. Since this news was announced, Netflix stocks have dropped 5%.

I’ve seen some responses to this on Twitter, and most of it has been pretty negative. People think that it’s a bad move from Disney, and it will exclude a large portion of people who enjoy their content. This view is understandable, but I disagree with it. Here’s why.

Let’s look at WWE, for example. WWE is one of the largest streaming services in the US. This is pretty insane, however, upon deeper thought it all makes sense. When you’re targeting a niche market, you’re not trying to cater to everyone else. In this case, WWE chooses to cater to their very specific and loyal demographic, offering exclusive content. With such a large fan base, no wonder this works.

I think that if any brand is going to make such a bold move, it would be none other than Disney. They are so powerful, that they now even own the rights to Star Wars and the Marvel franchises. Our most beloved characters, past and present, are under the Disney umbrella, so they have more than enough to play with. If WWE can find success, why not Disney? In fact, I feel that Disney will be much more successful. Creating exclusive content for their fans is something that makes total sense.

What I’d like to see from Disney

Mighty Ducks reboot

I loved watching the Mighty Ducks films as a kid (all three of them!). You can imagine my excitement when I first watched the Mighty Ducks animated series. I thought it was a good transition from film to animation. Disney could release a reboot of the films, or bring us a new animated sci-fi series with a deeper plot, just like Netflix has done with Voltron.

Disney Mighty DucksNew Darkwing Duck series

Some of you might remember Disney’s comedic take on gritty super heroes such as The Shadow and Batman. Centered around a caped, crime fighting vigilante, Darkwing Duck was a popular TV series. It was full of wacky characters, and sometimes even had cross-overs with characters from the Ducktales TV series. Even though this show had a short run, it gained a cult following. The new Ducktales animated series just being released, so Disney should include a cameo and re-introduce the character.

Miles Morales Spiderman TV series

By now, most comic book fans are familiar with Miles Morales. If you’re not so familiar and have yet to hear about him, he’s Marvel’s Afro-Latino Spiderman. He’s got quite a following, and I think he deserves his own spotlight onscreen. With the success of “Spiderman Homecoming”, Peter Parker isn’t going away anytime soon (he’s got 2 more solo films and the Infinity War films to go). Why not give Miles Morales his own series, dealing with lower level thugs and criminals, while his more experienced wall climber deals with the bigger guns?

Disney, Marvel Spiderman, Miles MoralesA Star Wars original series

Star Wars can easily be taken advantage of by Disney. With the success of “The Force Awakens” and “Rogue One”, the franchise is as big as ever, attracting new fans as well as catering for long-time followers. With a Han Solo film in the works, as well as talks for an “Obi Wan Kenobi” film, we can see how Disney aims to expand the storytelling, moving it away from the main plot at times. I would love to see a live-action series focusing on one of the side characters, or even a completely new story set in the same universe.

Gargoyles reboot

How could I almost forget this?! Out of all of Disney’s TV series, Gargoyles is easily the deepest one. I wonder if the show was for children in the first place. If they release this again, I’ll be a very happy nerd. Gargoyles has a great cult following, and people have been itching for a new series for a long time now. It would be a huge waste not to answer the cries of many fans worldwide. Fingers crossed, they pick this up again in the near future.

Do you agree with my list? What would you like to see from Disney’s streaming service? Let me know in the comments.