Red logo designFreedom’s Ark, branding and identity

Freedom’s Ark is a community church based in Seven Sisters, North London. I was approached to reimagine the church and give it a modern look and feel.

The church has been operating for some time now, and the community where it resides has gone through a lot of changes. It has gone under major developments, bringing in people from all around the world. As with many community churches, they were facing a major disconnect with the people they were trying to reach out to.

The Approach

I gave Freedom’s Ark a refreshed brand, complimented with the content that will help them reach out to those around them.

Logo redesign

The logo was redesigned to make it feel brand new. The original logo was old, and I felt it didn’t represent the core values of the organisation.

Freedom's Ark church logo designConstructing the logo

The logo was designed to be recognisable within the community, especially when so many churches have opened within Seven Sisters in the recent years. It’s important to be able to differentiate between them. I went with a literal approach, using the letter ‘F’ as the skeleton. I then used different shapes to drive the message home; the waves representing the ocean, the dove representing freedom, and the droplet representing the ark or the blood of Christ.

Grey logoColour variations

It was important to use colours that are inviting and compliment the core message. I designed the logo to be interchangeable with the brand colours; blue, sky blue, red, and white. Because of the way the logo is constructed, the message isn’t lost no matter what colour is used.

Logo colour variations

An animated version of the logo was also created to be used on all online videos.

Website redesign

A church is about the people, not the building. I wanted the website to represent this. The website was designed to give visitors an insight into what the church represents and the range of activities to take part in. The functions have been developed to make the website easy to update.

Church website designSocial Media

Every week the service provides useful content for the target demographic. I wanted to take advantage of this, so I put together a strategy for social media to get the weekly messages out to people who might not be able to make it on a Sunday morning. This includes; a weekly podcast, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram feed. This means that anybody can feel connected to Freedom’s Ark as a brand.

Corporate identity

The brand colours, fonts, and logo patterns were applied to supporting business cards, letterheads, and brochures.

Letterhead designBusiness card designConclusion

Working on the branding of Freedom’s Ark church brought me a lot of pleasure. I had a lot of fun working with them to create a meaningful public image that brings value to those that connect with them during their services and online.