If you’re a creative person it can be quite difficult to market yourself, after all, you’re an artist and you might not be very strong when it comes to marketing. It doesn’t need to be so hard though, there are many options available that allow you to generate a following online, and it’s easy to start building a reputation. All you need to do is start and see what works best for you. Here are some ideas you might want to try out.

Create an Instagram account

Instagram should be your go-to social channel for showcasing your work. Whether you create illustrations or pottery, whatever it is, having a presence on here is a good start. The filters available allow you to control the mood of the photos that you take, and recording the process of your creative work allows followers to see your thought process. Not to mention that #hashtag culture is useful to take advantage of because there are plenty of tags specifically for artists, such as; #inktober and #swaptober. Instagram stories are also a good way for people to see some behind the scenes footage.

Check out @rossdraws for example. He regularly updates his Instagram account with the progress of his work, finished digital paintings, as well as short clips showing the entire process from start to finish (epic music included). He’s found what works for him and he’s milking it!


Live stream your work

Having a live streaming set up brings an interesting dynamic, as we’ve seen on Twitch. I have yet to see Facebook live taken advantage of. It’s a feature that’s gaining a lot of traction and we’re only seeing the beginning of it. Having people make comments and gestures while you draw, paint, build etc. adds a lot of value to what you do.

If you’re feeling quite ambitious, why not start with a blank canvas and have people dictate what it is that you draw for example. This will be quite fun and will let your fans have a bit of ownership. Something like this can be repeated so that the community has something to look forward to.

Take advantage of trends

What are people talking about right now? Donald Trump is hugely popular for all the wrong reasons, and so many people have taken advantage of this. It’s difficult not to see a meme, illustration, animation or whatever making fun of him. Finding out what is on the lips of the community and responding, combined with relevant #hashtags is a faster way to build a following. Being consistent with this can also have you trending.