I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while now. Music has always been a passion of mine, and so I’m interested in how people are marketing themselves as musicians online. I intend to talk about other sides of music, but I thought I would start off with producers.

I just finished having a chat with a young, aspiring producer that came to visit my cousin the other day, and I couldn’t help but give him ideas of how he can build an audience. He said he was already gaining some traction from where he works at the moment, which is great, but I couldn’t help but feel that he was underestimating the opportunities that he has online.

Post teasers on Instagram

By using video content you’ll be able to give a snippet of your work. The videos on Instagram have a 60-second limit, which is more than enough time for your content. Upload a video with your soundtrack playing in the background for about 20 seconds. This will act as a teaser, and users can then follow the link in your profile to see more of your work on SoundCloud or your website. You don’t have to use a moving image, though, just use a still of your logo and the title of your song and that should do it. To take it a step further you could add some simple effects that go in time with the music, such as; lens flares and blurs.

Create free content on Youtube

Use Youtube to upload free instrumentals for vloggers. People are always looking for a ‘Drake type beat’ or something that sounds like the instrumentals on trend today, and it can be really difficult to find the right song without having to sign up to something. You’re likely to get a lot of subscriptions if your instrumentals are good because you have something that people need. you have to give people something before they invest in you, so try and build a consistent habit of providing for your online audience without expecting anything in return.

Give an inside look on Snapchat

Snapchat, like Instagram, can be used to tease your work, only this time it’s more of a backstage pass to how you work. Give users an insight into how you work by showing the progress of a song you’re making. DJ Khaled sometimes does this, with a slogan from the upcoming album or a promotion of an upcoming event, e.g. We the Best. DJ Khaled seems to have a couple of screws loose, but he’s proved that anybody can use Snapchat effectively, and build a loyal following through consistency.

Tell a story

Video content can really help when it comes to sending a message. To take things a step further you could tell short stories, similar to the movies of old with no speech. Let the music communicate with the audience, invoking different emotions. You have to think of yourself as more than a music producer, you’re a content creator! People should be able to come to your media channels and be able to gain more than just a free track. For example, imagine a short story in black and white, showing the journey of two people from opposite walks of life, connecting in some way as different events occur. The music will be composed to compliment the story and draw the viewer in. This seems like it’s unrelated to what you might do, but as long as the content is interesting, you’ll have an audience that will keep coming back to you.