I’m a self-proclaimed nerd, so every time there’s a superhero flick you’ll see me there in the cinema freaking out over the cameos from franchises I love. You should have seen me when Peter Parker entered the scene during Captain America: Civil War, to say I was excited would be an understatement. I’m more of a Marvel fan, but I also love the DC universe and it’s iconic characters. In fact, next to Spider-man, Batman is my favourite superhero.

If you’re a comic book fan like I am, you’ll probably share in my lack of enthusiasm when it comes to the DC cinematic universe. They’ve really got a lot of work to do to fix all the terrible decisions they’ve made with the movies up into now. I haven’t given up, though. There’s still hope that they’ll eventually get it right. Here are the opportunities I think they should take advantage of.

Super heroes are supposed to give hope

The reason we all love Superman is because even with all that power he’s outrageously a boy scout. He’s had so many powers in the past that he’s had to be refined over a long period, however, it’s the fact that he’s always going to choose the right path even if things look grim. The Superman we’ve been given hasn’t really done anything to help us relate to him in this way. He’s spent all his time trying to find himself, so instead of looking up to him as hero we’re instead forced to see how human he is. This isn’t a bad thing but we had the first movie to do all that. The same goes for Batman. Although he’s a dark and complex character he also has his rules, like no killing and no guns (even though he’s broken both in the comic of old). Batman broke his rule of no killing in the first hour of Batman v Superman. The explanation of this was also very metaphoric. We need a DC movie that has some sense of hope. At least introduce a character that represents this! (Shazam?)


source: cinemablend

The Deadpool formula – make fun of yourself

It’s no secret that DC hasn’t got a great movie on their roster yet. I quite liked Man of Steel, but I also get why people dislike it. We’re used to a more colourful Superman, not the miserable excuse we were given he never smiles. “This symbol means hope” my back foot. DC needs to stop trying to make a great superhero film and instead join everyone in the making fun of them. That’s a reason Deadpool worked so well, it’s because it just didn’t take itself seriously. We were able to watch a fun film without having to think about all the terrible decisions the director made. A Harley Quinn solo film will be perfect for this. Her character was one of the only things that they got right in the Suicide Squad film, and it would be a waste to do nothing with such great casting. Suicide Squad could have been the DCEU answer to Deadpool, but the movie just sucked.

When all else fails, start again with Flash Point

To be honest, if they don’t do start again I’ll be quite surprised. I feel like the casting for the characters has been great despite the odd direction they’ve taken the franchise. There’s an opportunity to restart everything without actually restarting everything, by using Flash Point. Of you don’t follow the comics, this is the story where Flash (Barry Allen) goes back in time and stops his mother from being murdered, and this creates a butterfly effect that turns the world upside down. If you thought the DCEU was dark, wait till you see this. Any world where Bruce Wayne died and his dad becomes the Batman, while his mum becomes the Joker, is insane.

The film can be as dark as the director wants, but at the end, he has to reset everything and put the universe as it should be. This way everyone’s happy!