Health and fitness is a really popular theme online as it relates to every single person. Personal health is pretty much on everybody’s mind whether they’re looking to eat better or exercise more, and there are plenty of websites offering content from so-called “gurus” on what and what not to do. Here’s how to become one of them.

Choose a theme

Some people want to burn fat, others want to build muscle. Some people want to build stamina, other’s just want to get into the routine of exercising and eating well. You’ve got to build your online presence around a theme otherwise, you won’t stand out much. People tend to look for a particular result regarding their bodies so focusing on the one thing that you’re best at will give you more success.

Start a Youtube channel

Find an open space, get a decent camera and lighting, and start producing meaningful content centred around your theme. Depending on your speciality, the type of value you give will be different. You could do weekly recipes to help with people’s meal-prep, or you could literally do a workout routine, which could give you lots of multiple views because people will most likely return to the same routine during their training sessions.

six-pack-shortcutsA channel that’s really mastered this well is Six Pack Shortcuts. They’ve built video content around their theme, focusing on burning fat effectively. They’ve even expanded their brand to include “Abs After 40”, and have generated over 4million subscribers.

Start a podcast

Perhaps video content isn’t your thing and you don’t function well in front of a camera. In that case, there’s always audio. Podcasts are a very popular channel for valuable content, especially for commuters. I personally prefer to listen to podcasts on my daily commute than music because it’s always something new with every update.

Keep a fitness blog

If you’re the simpler type you could always keep a fitness diary in the form of a blog, or even publish recipes, helpful advice, and routines. You don’t have to use Youtube or any other form of media if that’s not how you communicate best. Some people just write lots of blogs and it works great for them. It’s about knowing your voice really, so start from there and begin to build your channel.