Microsoft recently announced that it was killing it’s Internet Explorer browser in exchange for a newer better one, code named “Spartan”. Internet Explorer has been the vain of many people, especially designers and web developers who have had to deal with the endless compatibility issues when it comes to launching a website. Such frustrations include; broken layouts, missing fonts, compatibility with plugins etc. Ask a web professional and they’ll tell you more about how much they dislike the default browser for PCs.

When I heard that Internet Explorer was going to be disposed of my inner designer jumped for joy. I’m still quite happy that Microsoft decided to take the plunge and get rid of something that people really didn’t need, and I respect them more for trying to build something that can hopefully compete with browsers such as; Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

The new browser has been officially named “Edge Browser”, a befitting name for something that compliments tablets and mobile devices. When I saw the new logo I was quite honestly surprised by the choice that’s been made. The logo is a blue letter “e”, with a cut on the left to emphasise movement, much like the Explorer logo that came before it. Although the logo does admittedly look well constructed I don’t believe that it was a good direction to go.

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge

I feel that with the death of Internet Explorer, Microsoft had the opportunity to leave the old behind and introduce a completely new product. Internet Explorer faced a lot of criticism, and I would have thought that the Edge would be completely new and unrelated, however with a logo that looks like nothing more than a more modern take on the Explorer logo I’m afraid that people will subconsciously carry their grudges across. At least with a new logo the Edge browser will have a better chance at making a good first impression with it’s users while riding on the buzz of a new platform.

I’m not saying that the Edge is going to be as bad as the Explorer, from what I can see from the promo video it’s definitely a step up from what we were given before, but I do think that Microsoft would have more to gain from a completely new brand.

Am I reading too much into this? Do you agree or disagree? I’d like to know your thoughts in the comments below.