I’ve finally done it, I’ve started my own podcast! After months of going back and forth in my head as to whether I should do this or not, I’ve taken the plunge, I’m now officially a podcaster. I’m super excited to be doing this, as I’ve been looking for a comfortable medium to bring people value and I struggled to find something other than blogging that I really enjoy doing. I’ve tried Youtube so many times and it’s never really worked out, who would have known that podcasting would sit so well with my spirit!

The purpose of the OJHarper Podcast is to help creatives follow their passion, by giving them practical advice on business development, branding, design, and much more. In episode one, I and my brother, Sean (who is also a blogger, you should check him out), discuss ways to start a creative business, using an imaginary company that sells premium flip-flops as an example.

In episode 2, Sean and I discuss what branding is and it’s misconceptions. I go through the, “Who, What and Why” of branding and dissect it into understandable chunks. Grab a pen and paper, because there’s lots to learn!

I also have short episodes called “Scenarios”, where I, and whichever guest I’m joined by, take a random problem and brainstorm ways to resolve it. In Scenario 1, we imagine a world where the ice-cream company, Häagen-Dazs, is struggling to make sales during the winter, as opposed to summer time where ice cream is more popular. We were even surprised at what we came up with in the end! I’m sure you’ll find it both entertaining and insightful.

You can tweet your dilemmas, questions, and general shout-outs to me using #OJHpodcast, or you can email me directly at hello@ojharper.com. I aim to be very inclusive with this podcast, so do get in touch. The OJHarper Podcast is available on iTunes, so if you like what you listen to, remember to leave a positive review.