I mentioned in my previous blog post that I see time as currency, and every time wasted during a project has the potential to lose you money. The whole reason I’m so serious about time is that we know where we’re wasting time in our own lives, and we need to make those changes in order to get where we need to be. If we all think about time being a form of currency I think we’d take it a lot more seriously, especially when we can’t get any refunds, or return what we trade it for. All we can do is think smarter about how what we spend it more, in order to create a better future. Using time is an investment, therefore what we do with every minute of our day counts for what we’ll receive in the future. Here are some further thoughts.

Watching your favourite tv show

I love Game of Thrones. I always make sure I’m up to date before the Internet ruins the plot for me. However, I don’t let it get in the way of my priorities. Everything is on-demand these days so you can watch your latest episode of anything whenever you want, but don’t binge. It’s too easy to get caught up in a cliffhanger and end up watching 6 episodes of Daredevil in a row. There’s nothing wrong with watching your favourite TV show but you need to show discipline when it comes to your priorities.

The daily work commute

On average we spend about 3 hours a day travelling to and from work. That’s a lot of time to do the smaller tasks like writing an invoice, making small adjustments to something, or writing a blog post. I’ve found that with my WordPress app I’m able to write the bulk of my blog posts on my phone on the tube in the morning, and then I finish it off at the end of the day on my laptop. Rather than staring at other people’s newspapers or checking Facebook, see if you can reduce the strain on some of your personal work even if it’s just a little bit.

Getting involved in too many things

We all need to prioritise our time spent involving ourselves in things that aren’t beneficial to us. Sure, help people out every more and then, even do a little job to get a bit of side cash, but if they’re distracting you from your main goal, then you’ve got a problem. Time spent on favours is a sacrifice of your own time, so they have to be worth the investment. A lot of us do have the time to work on our own goals, but we’re giving it away.

Doing nothing

I’m not able to sit down doing nothing. Every moment counts in my head so I get very restless if I’m idle for too long. I will create the work for myself, experiment with a concept, or learn something new. I don’t even like to do house chores without a podcast or useful vlog running in the background. If you say you want to achieve your goals but you have time to be idle, you’re not all that serious. Put the work in even if it’s just a little bit.

Allocate your time

If you’re going to rest, then rest. If you’re going to work, then work. Time spent resting isn’t time wasted, you’re not a machine so you need solid resting time in order to work better. If you’re going to work, then devote all your attention to that, you’ll find that once you get your head down you get a lot done. Don’t be flaky with how you use your time because in your mind you might not be able to firmly decide what you want to do.

Learn, learn, and learn

I just mentioned how you always have to allocate time to do different things. We can always learn something new whether it’s in our field or not. As soon as I post this blog I’m going to try and experiment with building a social network. Do I know what I’m doing? I don’t have a clue, but I’m using a new invention called Google. There always something new to learn, and right now information is so easily accessible so there’s no excuse.