I’ll say this right off the bat; I have no hair. At least I don’t have enough hair on my head to consider it afro hair. I’m pretty much a Malteser head, but it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beauty of natural hair and the journey from start to afro. The natural hair movement has always existed, however thanks to social media platforms such as; YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, more people are beginning to tell their story. It can be a sensitive subject so I’m going to be treading lightly here, but I think having a subscription box for people’s hair journey will be brilliant.

It’s about the process

Taking care of afro hair is a long process but it’s also very enjoyable. Some people want to make a start but haven’t gotten round to it.

This is why the subscription box will be useful, as subscribers will have all the information they need in order to start their transition, all in one place. The service will also make it more fun and give people something to look forward to every month. There will be something for everyone, whether they’re just starting out or they’re already in the process.

It’s not just about hair

When a box is opened the customer should not only see tools for taking care of their hair, but also other things that are Afro inspired. There could be a guide to maintaining healthy curls, some inspirational quotes, even wearable accessories like badges and wristbands. Natural hair is more than pleasing to the eye, it’s also a statement of confidence, making the world accept who you are.

Different themes every month

The theme could change depending on what’s popular at the time or what season it is. The content can be about Christmas, valentines day, summer, or even something fun in pop culture such as; Star Wars (Princess Leia afro hair anyone?). This will bring a fun element to the subscriptions and switch things up so they don’t get stale.

Men have afro hair too

When we think of natural hair it’s easy to dismiss the fact that men have afro hair too (though some of us are losing it). Black men love to maintain the hair on their heads as well as the hair on their faces, so each subscription should be tailored to the individual; the contents of the box will vary depending on the person. I would love a box of beard creams and bridges brushes that I can try out every so often.

Use influencers for marketing

There’s nothing better than a positive recommendation from someone that you trust. There are plenty of natural hair vloggers on Youtube with a massive following. Offer them an incentive to review your products and get the word out. This will go a long way and will have you reaching audiences that you won’t have connected with otherwise.